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Why Kite?

We bring Strategy and Marketing together with implementation in mind. We work in the real world and understand the local market like no other


We fly high, but we feel that having a bird’s eye view on business is simply too far removed. We like to be grounded  – with a direct line to implementation. This gives operations teams a good hold on strategic future plans. At Kite we are high enough to see the strategic landscape, yet we build strategy from the bottom up, allowing operations to implement whilst taking control of the strategic direction.


We love the kite analogy. We like the idea of giving your business the ability to fly, helping you take off and launch your brand. We also like that a kite allows for sustainable growth and height, letting you follow and capitalize on what the market has thrown on you, enabling you to ride the wind.



About Kite 

  • We are a Middle East-based team of experts in marketing and corporate strategy, supporting our clients’ growth plans
  • Our balanced skillsets complement clients’ structures and deliver on both planning and implementation of full strategic plans, special projects and adhoc tasks
  • We are all-rounders, delivering end to end solutions with strong implementation skills
  • We offer strong financial modelled solutions with a profit driven mentality
  • We keep a close eye on major global and industry trends, nuturing customer understanding
  • We have both English and Arabic speakers with strong regional expertise across MENA
  • We specialise across a broad range of industries and sectors



We develop and embed overarching corporate strategies that clearly identify, articulate and validate strategic growth opportunities

Business Innovation

We identify disruption through innovation and best practices within vertical markets and industries

Customer Journeys

We identify stages along customer and user journeys, adding improvements and optimizing hooks to maximize revenue

Digital Acquisition

We use up to date techniques and relevant platforms to generate increased brand awareness, engagement, leads and conversions

Concept Development

We analyze the attractiveness and the realization approach by modeling and quantifying opportunities


We  provide team placement and flexible resourcing to help clients upscale and diversify when facing new business challenges

Research & Insights

Using qual and quant we gather relevant, fresh insights. We look beyond just data, delivering real value to clients’ business and marketing strategies

Content, PR & Events

We are implementation focused. We efficiently leverage marketing must-haves to achieve maximum conversion


  • Healthcare

  • Media

  • Leisure

  • Education

  • Entertainment

  • Travel

  • Technology

  • Broadcast

  • Oil & Gas

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