Keepin’ it real

In our latest campaign for Strathclyde Business School’s Dubai MBA admissions, we were focusing on making it 100% relatable and credible. If you are telling people the MBA program is going to change their life, they have to believe. We twisted arms and used every drop of charm we have to persuade some of the school’s students to sweat it out in the heat and model for us. So why was it worth the effort?

  1. No fakes- People can spot fakes, so why use them?
  2. Brand value enhancement- We love that this campaign showcases how proud the students are: can you get anymore real brand value?
  3. Word of mouth- Using students as advocates and brand ambassadors is a powerful word of mouth tactic, potential the most powerful of all acquisition tactics
  4. Point of difference- We’ve seen it all before: real people offer a point of difference from glossy buildings with no life
  5. Connection- It forges an immediate connection between the prospective student and the existing student body: they become “people you know” even before joining
  6. Continuity- These students represent the ongoing success of the business school. You will see them at Strathclyde events they remain as part of the alumni network